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Last June I spent 10 days in the hospital because I hadn't had any medical attention, or medication I needed for the past couple years. Of course they found more things wrong with me than I care to discuss, but the good news is my sugar was great!                

     I believe this is due to the fact that I ate smaller portions and exercised a little. I no longer consider myself a diabetic, but there is always the potential to have it again. Of course I still suffer from the nerve damage to my legs and feet, but I eat whatever I want. I think I developed diabetes 2 from eating a large amount of carbs every day, which I no longer do. I am not a doctor so I'm only speaking from my experience, but if I can beat it maybe you can to. You should consult your doctor before changing your diet or lifestyle.
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Obesity and Diabetes

      Doctors are now said to be urging people to have gastric bypass procedures to loose weight so they can avoid the complications of diabetes, and not save the surgery as a last resort.

     There are far too many people who are obese and then diabetic. From there, their health just worsens as diabetes leads to heart and kidney disease, blindness, and amputations. In other words you have to drop the weight and the fat any way you can or your future is bleak.


Does Diabetes Take Vacations?

     For those of us lucky diabetics with type 2 that is easily controllable with diet and exercise, it's easy to get spoiled.

     But it's a dangerous thing to rely on. We may have great sugar readings, but the minute we think we can let out guard down, we're on our way to trouble. Diabetes doesn't take a vacation. It hides around the corner watching and waiting for us to become too confident and cocky. This is very easy to do when we are on vacation or otherwise let our guard down. Don't ever get too comfortable and feel like you can afford to cheat for a week or two. It will catch up with you.

     If you are doing well stick to your diet and exercise program and you won't have to worry about this beast.


Eat More Fiber To Lower Blood Sugar

          Insoluble fiber takes food through your digestive system where as soluble fiber slows the glucose from being absorbed. People who have type 2 diabetes should increase their intake of soluble fiber for that reason. Eat more high fiber foods like beans, and whole wheat foods.

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